Cathedrals, canyons and cloud-forests

Culture and nature wrapped up in one, Salta is a microcosm of South America in one place. Tiny mountain villages, unchanged since the Spanish invasion, and a cosmopolitan, colonial city that puts on great open air opera concerts!

The past and history of “Salta La Linda” is palpable in every plaza, building and face. Each time you walk through the street you can breathe their fascinating culture, which will take you back beyond colonial times, especially when you walk into the Andean Archeology Museum and see the Incan mummies!


North of Salta, the Humahuaca canyon is like the Grand Canyon, without the tourists. Horseback riding, walking among cacti, and browsing the local village market are perfect ways to while away the heat of the day. You might even want to visit the colourful 'cementario'

The village of Purmamarca, with the oldest chruch in Argentina, sits below the Seven Coloured Hill. It's a great place to try out some of the local speciality foods, like Tamales and Llama. Hiking and horse riding, and a jeep trip to see the Argentine salt flats are all within easy reach.


Two of Argentina's best and most biodiverse national parks sit in the rainforest clad hills just east of Salta, El Rey and Calilegua. We run trips with a wildlife guide to both these places, where access is by 4x4 and walking the jungle trails is a real adventure. You'll see a wealth of birdlife, including macawas, toucans, hummingbirds, trogons and secretive ant-birds. The park has a jaguar population to rival the best in south America, and some of our clients have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this mystical creature....


A beautiful and tranquil hamlet founded in 1694 and located at the foot of the 7000m Nevado de Cachi, Cachi is like stepping back in time.
You cannot miss the Igleasia San Jose, built in the sixteenth century and the Museo Arqueologico which contains more than 5,000 pieces covering a time period of 10,000 years


The best thing about Cachi - staying in Adriana's lovely guest house in the mountains and eating one of Roberto's asados,

Cafayate Winelands

Salta is now revered by wine critics for producing some interesting high altitude Torrentes. A day sampling wine at the best bodegas can be arranged. To make it more interesting, you'll be able to use a tandem bicycle, in the style of the locals, to get from one vineyard to the next!

Cafayate is a vineyard valley surrounded by mountains, which is becoming increasingly popular for those wanting to blend their wines with a beautiful environment of breathtaking landscapes that this land offers.

If you're feeling adventurous, we can arrange a trip to taste at Colome - the highest altitude vineyard in the world, which is making some wonderful Torrontes wines.

WInetasting at our Wine Bodega in Cafayate

Driving back from the Bodega with spectacular views


Your original key to your room in the Jesuit Estancia Las Tacaanas

Trees drip with epiphytic plants and lianas in El Rey National Park